Stein/Baraka CNN Town Hall. Wednesday August 17th.

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Nationwide Watch Parties for CNN Stein/Baraka Town Hall

On Wednesday, August 17th, CNN will host a town hall meeting at 9pm Eastern Time with Jill Stein and her VP nominee, Ajamu Baraka. (Please note that CNN has re-confirmed the original 9pm Eastern spot.)

This event marks an important point in the campaign as Jill is getting a chance to share her message in a national event in prime time! Supporters will be hosting watch parties around the country.

We encourage everyone to take the survey to let us know if you are interested in attending or hosting a party. This will help our state coordinators in try to assist you, if needed, in finding or hosting an event. It also allows your to indicate to our state volunteer coordinators if you are generally willing to help coordinate your county or town.

If you simply want to attend, you can find where events are being held on our Grassroots Events page as well as the list on the national Facebook event page.

If you want to host a watch party, there is no need to wait to get started organizing your event! Start by checking out our House Party Guide, making a Facebook event page, and posting your event details on the aforementioned Jill2016 Grassroots Events page. We will be posting more materials and emailing it to people that indicated on the survey they want to host a party in the coming days.

Please, share this event with all your friends and family. One thing we need to do as a campaign is get the word out about Jill. Too many have not heard about Jill, but are open to her message of people, planet, and peace over profit.



Stein/Baraka Polling At 16%


The press is going wild for Jill!

Ever since the Presidential Nominating Convention in Houston, we’ve been bombarded by the mainstream media (The Guardian, The New York Times,

and Fox News) and alternative media (Democracy Now!, The Young Turks and MintPress News), as well as countless other outlets!

The entire convention weekend was jam-packed with great news coverage and increasing momentum, including incredible excitement over Jill’s VP pick, human rights activist Ajamu Baraka.

Not only did we have outstanding convention media coverage, but a new poll has now come out showing exploding support for Jill among Millennials in the U.S. – it’s at 16% and rising!

The McClatchy/Maris poll shows Hillary Clinton leading among Millennials with 41%, while Gary Johnson is at 23 percent and Dr. Jill Stein is at 16%! (Donald Trump comes in a distant 4th place according to the Washington Post.)

Overall, among registered voters, the same poll shows Jill at 6% among registered voters–300% more than 2 months ago! That’s great news! Plus our new campaign commercials aired last week on MSNBC and other major broadcast channels.

The feedback on those commercials is terrific and we’re gaining ground because of them!

To top it all off, we’ve made some serious social media gains – over 200,000 Twitter followers and over 500,000 Facebook likes. This is pure gold – fantastic, organic, interest building in all age groups.

Jill’s “good news” just keeps getting shared, going viral, and getting even better.

Will you donate today to help Jill keep up the momentum?

We need all the help we can get right now – our expenses are increasing, we’re ramping up with necessary staff (just hired a Volunteer Coordinator and a Youth Coordinator), and we need your support to keep Jill running strong in the race. We’re on the national stage now, and the money spends fast at this level.

And what I want you to know today, is that you are key to our efforts to keep the momentum alive for Jill. Why?

Because Jill runs a clean money campaign – she accepts no PAC or corporate money whatsoever. It all comes from the unsung heroes of our campaign like you!

She continues to explode into the national consciousness and we plan to keep it that way! Donate today! Let’s keep this momentum going!

As Jill says, It’s in our hands!

Gloria Mattera
Campaign Chair
Jill Stein for President

P.S. “I’ve been committed to independent politics all my life,” Ajamu said as he accepted the Vice Presidential nomination. “The electoral process is a way that we build power for the people.” Your support for our work to give power back to the American people keeps us going. Will you give to keep up Jill’s Power to the People plan today?

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