Home-Grown, Right-Wing Terrorism: The Hate the GOP Refuses to See.


In Saner Thought

Well if you depend on nose picking, ass scratching Right wing blogs and news outlets for your info then there is NO such thing as right wing terrorism.

In doing my research into terrorism so that I can be better informed when I teach my class I have been looking into all aspects of the use of terror……even to the type of terror that few want to acknowledge…..home grown.

According to most of these mentally challenged people there is only one type of terrorism….and we know what that is….do we not?

It is as if some do not think that a red blooded American is capable of the barbarity of the act of terrorism…..an ignorant belief.

As the Las Vegas shootings show, right-wing extremism is real and on the rise. But for Republicans, better to focus on the Muslims.

Remember in 2009, right at the start of the Obama era…

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