Not All Patterns Are For Life



Trust me

with parts of you others do not even know exist

I will

tender you in cosset and spin ugliness above your head

wrap you against void and beneath terror, stoke mercy

this is my pledge

take my arm

take a leap of faith

stay your wont of emptiness and insular climb from well constructed cage

leave behind that shackled heart, bound by pain to tick lost in thickness

we are departing the past

leaving no trace

mindful of nothing but erasure

cold on the wind

naming our future with dawns singular brush, aurora in pinkening light

silver is my pledge

life I bequeath

too long you stayed sheltered by

a false belief

staying still kept you from pain

we know in our solitude, no such place, resolves such aches

be brave, sure-footed, trust once more

not all patterns are for life

not all destinies sour

I remove you…

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