When You Walk Away



I don’t have need to record my voice for all to hear

transfer my image for all to see

grand slam in crowded circles

attempt, to get attention

while maintaining, I don’t need attention

they say any art form is


even writers, plaintively caw

hear me!

can we exist without, ratification?

yet, canvassed attention-seeking

shooting monkeys in a barrel

differs from existence

text isn’t talk

talk isn’t film

film isn’t billboard

nipples sell, truth falls

modern life euthanized

the shy

I want to be

not bare in big lights

my existence safire

supervised by light fingers

rendering other worlds

I gave up modeling, gave up stage

didn’t do limelight or jello shots

quit big cities thirsty for more

tore down pulpits

inked my dissent

shoplifted silence

learned to listen in perplex positions

falsehood called Isadore

tells me oh babyyou know you want it

I don’t want it


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