3 Things Threatening Cultural Heritage in Syria and Iraq

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When I was lucky enough to work in the Middle East I got to visit some fabulous historical sites in my off time…..Carthage ruins in Tunisia, Pyramid complex in Egypt, Petra in Jordan, Palmyra in Syria, Nineveh in Iraq and Baalbek and Byblos in Lebanon…..sadly the conflict in Syria and Iraq is giving the world the destruction of some interesting historic sites…..

These conflicts could endanger even more sites…..

The Islamic State and other radical groups engaged in the conflict in Syria and Iraq over the last three years receive much of the blame for the destruction of cultural heritage in that region. These groups are unique because they purposely go out of their way to destroy not only ancient artifacts, statues, and historic buildings, but also to attack mosques, shrines, and cemeteries. However, these groups are not the only forces damaging the cultural heritage of the region. Below are three…

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