How To Lose An Election


In Saner Thought

I recently wrote a piece about Trump’s continuous accusations that the election is rigged……(but in case you missed my post)…….

Source: “The Election Is Rigged” – In Saner Thought

To me it seems like he has a feeling that he may lose this election and he is searching for anything that will and can be blamed for that loss…..that is anything but him.

– In what the AP calls a “rare moment of humility,” Donald Trump is beginning to signal that he is aware that he could be something other than a winner in November. “We’re having a problem,” he told a gathering of evangelical ministers on Florida on Thursday. “It could cost us the Supreme Court.” Politico reports that Trump complained about the “tremendous problem” he is having winning votes in Utah. He went on to blame evangelicals for Mitt Romney’s loss in 2012. “You did not vote for…

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