Urge the flame higher

scrape gilded ceilings with steam

saffron powders deep rivers, where swift relentlessly

we sink to rusted floor, diving destinies four score

return me

those hours cradled upon your shoulder

sloped toward falling night in weariness a companion to silence

the languid motion of sleep-walker, worshipping gods of rest, resist pull to chance

one more folded coal to flame

once more turned warmth where you’d lain

mine for precious whisk of tardy hour, scooped from unfathomable

outsiders made good, carried by dusking train bruising through landscape, testing life on wriggling hook

damask purchase acting in tandem, sweetest quit in lapsing guild

ripened by our stillness under Florentine sun, orange in sky of cardamom

figures taxidermy in stymie, violence a scarlet catapult filling influence with gentle music

teasing in tallit, revealing stamen to hushed dream

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