Reading Is Fundamental


In Saner Thought

Another Sunday and I would like to post about a subject that is dear to me…..books and reading.

As I grew up my mother and the family made it clear that the only way to move forward in life is with a good education…..After high school I decided to enter the US Army….my mother was disappointed because she wanted me to go to college…..after Vietnam I took my GI Bill and went to and finished college….everyone in the family was proud and happy, especially my mother…..

I gave my daughter a desire for knowledge and she reads constantly and my granddaughter has the desire also even in this age of electronics.

But then it became some sort of anti-American position to be educated…..we are called “apologist” “bleeding hearts” “elitists”….I find the disturbing….because look at any rise to power of a dictator and what are the first people they take out…..the…

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