Ryan Lochte Epitomizes White Privilege and U.S. Foreign Policy

United States Hypocrisy

Olympic athlete grillz

The harrowing tale of American Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and his fellow athletes being held up at gunpoint and robbed in Rio de Janeiro by men disguised as police officers was all the rage in the media last week. It was the story that was the topic of seemingly everyone’s conversation, and it seemed to conform to the common perception of Rio and Brazil in general as being crime-ridden and not suited to hold the Olympics. In the words of one Facebook user’s comment on a Huffington Post article that first reported Lochte’s story, the mugging proved that it was “not a good idea to award the games to a third world country… a nice idea in principle but it just doesn’t work and they can’t pull it off…” There’s only one problem. Ryan Lochte’s story about being mugged by random criminals turns out to have been a complete fabrication…

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