Sunday Talk: Scum & Villainy


The Fifth Column


attribution: Star Wars


By now it’s a pretty well-established fact that Donald Trump has “the best words“—butwords alone will not be enough to win him the presidency.

A monumental undertaking such as this requires teamwork.

And so, with that in mind, Trump has begun to surroundhimself with “the bestpeople” that hundreds of millions in debt can buy.

Gone is PaulManafort, Putin’sman in Kiev, who had been spectacularly unsuccessful inhis efforts to get Trump to pivot.

In his place came “alt-rightheroSteve Bannon, arguably the “most dangerous political operative in America.”

He joins Roger Ailes, who is arguably the most dangerous man in a newsroom—at least so far as women are concerned.

Now, I’m nodoctor (and I don’t play one on the…

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