Why Are People Still Defending Slavery In AmeriKKKa?

The Fifth Column


From Bill O’Reilly’s “slaves were well-fed” to the myth of Irish slaves

This year’s Republican and Democratic National Conventions yielded an unexpected takeaway: Most Americans don’t know much about slavery.

On the latest episode of her MTV web series Decoded, comedian and activist Franchesca Ramsey highlighted the unfortunate tendency many Americans have to ignore or erase the role slavery played in the country’s past.

“We talk about race a lot on this show,” Ramsey said. “But thanks to our current election cycle, apparently we have to go back to the beginning to shed some light on the myths people use to justify slavery.”

After Michelle Obama’s DNC speech about her historical legacy as the first black first lady “living in a house built by slaves,” slavery fact-checkingensued. The first lady’s statement checked out.

But the fact that people tried to suggest otherwise shows just how little many…

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