Women’s Boat to Gaza Prepares a New Challenge to israel’s Blockade


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Women’s Boat to Gaza Prepares a New Challenge to Israel’s Blockade

Truthout By Joe Catron

(Photo: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/pablomiranzo/" target="_blank">Pablo Miranzo</a>)

(Photo: Pablo Miranzo)

When two dozen women sail from Barcelona on September 14, mounting the latest international challenge to Israel’s naval blockade of the Palestinian Gaza Strip, their boats — the Amal, or “hope,” and Zaytouna, or “olive” — will confront a seemingly intractable impasse.

“There is no freedom of transport or travel owing to the closure of cross points and borders, which led to the death of a score of patients [from Gaza] who were unable to receive their treatment abroad,” Samar Al-Dreamly, media coordinator for Gaza’s Women’s Affairs Center and editorial secretary of its Al-Ghaidaa magazine, told Truthout.

The closure, she said, “also caused countless students to lose opportunities to continue their education abroad.”

The Gaza Strip, a small, 141-square mile Palestinian enclave, lies at the southwestern corner of Israel…

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