Curating Our Trespass



Go home

mahogany water

walk backwards

hear the hammer spending metal, strike savage

perforated in russet pinstripe, pluck the lint

claim passage without ticket

board a morning, wet in dogged skirt

shadow out eventuality, sup the glass, watch it spill

entreat our sleeping selves to dimly viewed, color marking void

lay flowers at his feet, breathless in concept, construct ourselves in center

latch the spaces in your mind, no lick for sound, heaving in static

fragments of, keys placed out of sequence, cause is comfortless

we turn over for respite, bare arms mindful of urgent palm seeking reach

chestnut whirl of hair,blown stray stretches thin

reaching for pulse, a dancer in besotted motion edging near veiled flight

deers wide pupil unblinking, attempts brindled invisibility

her neck long and taut of symmetry, my mouth lapsing thirst for taste

we hold up gilded carcases, for our sins, entreating forgiveness

bells in woods…

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