Familiar Stranger




This is what happens inside me

in the place nothing settles, even dust avoids, this, once seat of hope, now

torn at and ragged by, misuse and fallow in, zero expectation

long I held together fabric, so the worlds currency could not see, straight through me

as with anyone who is invisible, who has come apart at the seams, and is gaping quite literally with, yawning spaces in their soul

they learn quickly how to hide, like rattling purger in night, seeks quiet bathroom and discovers, regurgitation can be done in silence

even as owl hoots discovery, we slink our secrets between walls, discovery worse than pain, renascent shame, a searing brand announced in neon light

she is incomplete, she is undone, she has, nothing left of herself but the hum of heavy blood, slow in veins, life-force has all been drained and stoppered

as years passed she grew adept…

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