Unnoticed people do extraordinary things

it’s often not the show-off, lighting up stage

shouting loudest, catching admiring gaze

nor the beauty who will wilt when peachy turns to leather

or pretty boy with swivel hips who thinks himself O so clever

those audition for role of moth, briefly captured in light before


extraordinary is a prize oft unheard of in life

dying without knowing in fifty years they will be remembered

their accomplishments, small things wrapped against war of words

Alan Turing with his electrical brain on fire

searching for the boy who once took his calculations

and made them code for love, an electric impulse lost in another’s eyes

imprisoned by chemical castration, quietly empty, takes his life

and with him genius drowned in dunking pond, another generation of witch

vanquished from this world by those who flaunt the unkind

the greedy, the cruel, he wasn’t made to…

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