Too Near



I only laugh at you because you’re here on the scale and I’m there, five steps ahead

for the years separating us

you still look at me with certainty

believing as you did I was perfect

If it didn’t hurt so much to tear myself down

I’d do it now in front of you, so the 16-year-old and the 30 something knew

who you think I am on this pedestal of yours

is so far from true

I might fit into a XS but I’m flabby skinny

I’m always holding myself in because I’m afraid if I get out

I’ll forget to return

you call me talented and prodigious

you don’t know how many hours I spend

just staring off

you think you can ‘cure me’ like all good men

who carry medicine in their side-saddle

but there’s no cure for an affliction that goes

into our DNA

whilst you…

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