Would it were so easy

wishing away who broke first link in rusted trust

she who could have been you

blushed with spirit, besmeared bloom

can you blame those? So ineloquent as

wunderlust children with passionate spite

pull pigtail, tattle and gossip merciless

for the girl without friends who eats her waist wide

sits alone, knowing hopscotch is a form of devour

cannibals among the linen tilt of skipping girls

who sing loudest when stung by barb in communal shower

what words reduce spirit to none, fired through heart-shaped mouth

you are not worthy, your breasts are ungrown, your thighs wide

inhabiting mausoleum of carbon monoxide

any wonder in unearthing puberty, she borrows trust

inhaled in the bones of a boy softer than her own

timid unfamiliar, he thrusts his solitude into hers

two tides reducing loss, on the slip-shore of age

is it really the fault of rivals who…

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