The “alt-right” Is Racism. PERIOD.

alt right racism


Masthead of the Alternative Right blog, 2014. Masthead of the Alternative Right blog, 2014.

The Alternative Right (2010- ), better known as the alt-right for short, is the term coined by Richard Spencer for White nationalists who spread their ideas online. They are mostly in the US, in that space between the Republican Party and the Klan.

Examples: people like Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor and Steve Sailer, countless Internet trolls, and blogs like Alternative Right (the namesake), American Renaissance, Occidental Observer, Radix, The Right Stuff and VDare.

Gateway drug: Some count Breitbart News as alt-right. Stephen Bannon, the head of Breitbart News, now on leave to head Donald Trump’s campaign for president, calls it “the platform for the alt-right”. The Alternative Right blog, though, says Breitbart is more libertarian than anything. Richard Spencer said Breitbart is a “gateway” to alt-right writers and ideas.

Milo Yiannopoulos, now banned for life from Twitter for the racist attacks on…

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