Inherited Promises



In early summer still, filled with dew of march

They made promises

To keep their cracked feet dirty a while longer

Write odes to stray cats taking cover beneath lilac tree

Bitten by the bug to stop on eventide

Let sweat rings stain trees in define

Age in glorious repair

Legs shorn of clothes starkly mocking

Rules, widely cherished things slothing

Return to childhood you said

A great wide brim hat covering your shorn hair

Places you and i would have taken and made memories of

In burnished fires pyres aloft on flinging shore

Perhaps our first and last boat trip from familiar things

We dip the skin of old within without

To pause in reveries chime on top of mountain

Like thin air makes high those who climb to summit

Believing themselves immortal through crick and crook

the determined outlast in stalwart gaze

All of the world below a…

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