Linda Hoover: A Legacy of Resistance


Rise Up Times

The struggle to force the U.S., NATO, and allied countries to end wars of aggression continues. Masses of people are countering one way or another their government’s lies about wars.   

By Linda J. Hoover  Women Against Military Madness Newsletter  Summer 2016

While the United States keeps its oversized military in operation, the rest of the world is not sitting back waiting to see the outcome of U.S. efforts to achieve world domination. The peace community here and worldwide has grown out of a legacy of resistance to war. It is gratifying to claim this history.The first recorded instance of an individual’s struggle against war was in the 3rd century CE. A Christian, Maximilian, was executed for refusing to join the Roman army. Centuries later some European peasants refused to fight in the Crusades, disobeying the orders of their emperor or the Pope.

In America, early pamphlets calling for…

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