Policy Wish For USA, Part 10: Expand Small Business Development

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Gronda Morin

bus small outstanding heading Cq89MwLWYAAm75YBoth republicans and democrats agree that the U.S. needs to be doing more to encourage small business startups but as usual, little has been done. The typical republican solution of reducing taxes is not sufficient. What most small business owners claim that they want are, simpler and easier access to diverse sources of funding; less cumbersome, time consuming, expensive and unnecessary government regulations; laws that are effective and enforceable to protect property rights and contracts. According to an 8/238/16 USA Today Money tweet, the 2016 democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton is committing to do the following to support small businesses which could have a big impact: Drastically cut down on paperwork required by small businesses; improve access to funding; and work on saving small businesses money.

There are steps that government can take to jump start small business activity which in turn creates more jobs. Steve Mariotti in his 6/20/15 Huffington…

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