Facebook Finds Anything Unfavorable or Educational RE: White Men As Hateful.


Truth- A Right to Fight For...

Why should the people at Facebook watching for hate speech actually do their job and get to removing the fan pages and groups for racists, sexists and the abusive anti-choice movement. Forget all the violence being done by police from beatings to murders; forget all the abortion clinics which, every year, are attacked and let us not speak of the doctors and staff they brag about killing or harming.

Also never mind those fan pages on Facebook dedicated to hate and full of nothing but hate speech and threats.

The woman in the below photo had the audacity to write something that is true about white men and apparently, some white men couldn’t handle her racist? No. Hateful? No. Truthful? Yes with a twist of good humor.

This post, this is what the people on and at Facebook are targeting, somehow, as they also somehowtry to justify it…

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