The year of pills

hues of blue

shake it off

grow spotlights focused

on balancing tightrope

all about is dark

a mingling broken wristed quivering thing

accessing vocals, pinioned in cello growl

sound is a sonorous


clapping charts the spectator

who climbing like etiquette

mindful of tinsel and radiata

shows how to muffle our ecstasy

behind cloak room closets stuffed with furs

if it’s drugs you want baby

colors of the rainbow

slipping down throats, enabling actors

of silver screen and ordinary mundane

to simulate existing quite well

slipping only when suddenly mindful

this is not real

baby this is not being wide-awake

we slumber in strewn bliss, onboard Baudelairian crafts of

easy undulation, carrying us over white cocoa rivers

buoyed against floating marshmallow lands, in distance

ice cream capped mountains spewing lot chocolate lava

confiture figures with pistachio hats and cherries for eyes

stare out warning us, of…

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