Green Vaccines: What They Are & Whether They Can Be Trusted

AGR Daily News Service

There has never been a death from homeoprophylaxis, nor are there dangerous side effects. Large-scale observational studies have been conducted in Cuba for Leptospirosis (Bracho, G, Varela, E, Fernandez, R, et al. “Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control.” Homeopathy. 99 (2010): 156-166.), in Brazil for Meningitis in 85,000 people (Mroninski, Adriano, Mattos. Homeopathic Links, Winter 2001, Vol 14(4)), Influenza (International Journal of High Dilution Research 2011; 10(36):174-176), and for the prevention of childhood illnesses in 3,500 children (Golden, Isaac. “Homeoprophylaxis-A Fifteen Year Clinical Study: A Statistical Review of Efficacy and Safety of Long Term Homeoprophylaxis. Gisborne. Vic. 2004). Effectiveness has proven to be robust and in many cases exceeds the effectiveness of conventional vaccines. India has used HP for the prevention of Japanese encephalitis for over 20 million people as well (Srinivasulu, G. An Open Observational Study on the prevention of Japanese Encephalitis through Miasmatic Prescription, Journal…

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