Independents Decide 42% Of The Vote. Your 3rd-Party Vote Is Not Wasted

AGR Daily News Service

Fast forward to Presidential Election 2016: Never has it been so self-evident that Super PAC mega-donors, six monster-sized media corporations, rigged electoral maps, and continued voter suppression are hard at work steering voters toward candidates chosen for you by the two-party political machine.Bernie Sanders was the only candidate to have come close to breaking down barriers to become a true grassroots funded and supported candidate. Whether or not Trump is an Independent candidate in disguise or a steering mechanism gone rogue won’t be fully revealed until after the election.You DecideWhat does this mean for the American people this November? It means, Independent voters, that your 42 percent has an incredible opportunity to reshape American politics — even the direction of this country if you are willing to claim the power you’ve handed yourselves.

Source: Independents Decide 42% Of The Vote. Why Your Third-Party Vote Is Not Wasted – Collective Evolution

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