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522134_296426177105305_338695308_nThey never found me in the woods

not the dancing archer protecting words

I asked

what’s your biggest secret?

nobody answered

what’s more fearful than not wishing to say?

not having any

do people without secrets really exist?

why then, do I carry such a heavy weight

if I opened my mouth I’d quickly fill a lake

did it begin because things are aligned genetically?

or did I act upon some inherited expectation?

why drawn to tragic heroines if not to romanticize

the effort of destroying yourself

even vices are copied and imitated

have no talent for certainty

only freedom found in pretence


dress up

hide in a box when the door ball rings

throw up behind japanese fans

I knocked back miniatures

kept company with delusion

talked to the dead more than the living

avoided owning my collusion

sex was a calling card

forgotten on hall table


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