A Pretrial Loss for Oregon Standoff’s Pete Santilli

Challenging the Rhetoric

pete-santilli-show-malheur-bundy IMAGE SOURCE: YouTube screencap

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

In a ruling on  pretrial conference motions, U.S. District Judge Anna Brown, with one exception, excludes any evidence of Pete Santilli’s conduct and statements to counter-protesters and media in the government’s case against him and 25 other individuals. According to the 26-page document, the evidence in question is not directly relevant to the alleged conspiracy to impede federal officers by force, intimidation, or threat.

Brown’s exception is a video in which Santilli tells a counter-protester “better not bring a butter knife to a gun fight.” In the document, Brown says this statement by Santilli is admissible because it is relevant to the government’s theory as to the purpose of the possession of firearms by the occupiers charged in the conspiracy.

Santilli is one of 8 individuals heading to trial on September 7, for his involvement in the 41-day heavily armed takeover…

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