Moving Beyond “Us vs. Them” Politics

Britain Euroskeptic Surge

In Saner Thought

For several election cycles the nationalists have been gaining more and more traction with the votes…..and that pimple burst when a black man was elected president and now a woman dares run for the office.

For too long that stupid have been basically “use against them” in our elections…..that is pathetic.

Instead of looking after this country it is all about the crazy ideologies of the Right wingnuts.  This time it has come down to out right superiority complex…..the bigotry, the racism and the total disregard for the Constitution something they accuse Obama of doing….funny how that works, huh?

Since the global financial crisis of 2008, right-wing populist, nationalist, and anti-establishment movements have steadily gained strength across Europe and in the United States. This expanding influence is evident most recently with the presidential election in Austria, the Brexit vote in favor of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, and…

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