White Nationalists Love Twitter And Donald Trump


The Fifth Column



The alt-right, Nazi sympathizers, and their ilk prefer to use the microblogging platform to wake people up and raise awareness.

It’s confirmed: White nationalists on Twitter now outnumber members and sympathizers of the Islamic State (ISIS) thanks to Donald Trump’s campaign. At least that’s what one study published by George Washington University’s extremism program found.

“White nationalist users referenced Trump more than almost any other topic, and Trump-related hashtags outperformed every white nationalist hashtag except for #whitegenocide within the sets of users examined,” wrote J. M. Berger, the study’s author and renowned terrorism expert.

The report characterizes white nationalism as an umbrella term for related political ideologies including Nazi sympathizers, right-wing European groups, and to a lesser extent the Ku Klux Klan, alt-right, and fascist South American movements.

Berger identified over 25,000 “seed” accounts of people who have connections to white nationalist organizations or leaders…

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