49’rs QB Under Fire For Exercising HIS Bill Of Rights

The Ugly Truth

ed note (Tony)…My view on this is clear. The same Bill Of Rights (The first 10 amendments) that allow Americans to own firearms IS THE SAME Bill Of Rights that allow free speech and free expression. You either support the entire Bill Of Rights or you don’t. There is no in-between.

Now, the REAL reason for jingoism at ballgames.

You MUST salute and stand for the anthem. A
jingoistic mindset in the making. The ‘State’ wants you to be as obedient as trained
circus seals. That way, you will gladly hand over your children to fight
and die in her endless wars of invasion and occupation….

BTW. Notice how ‘AY-Rab’ looking Colin is.  The JMSM is loving it.

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