Zika Vaccines: Race To Defraud $20 BILLION From Gullible Public.


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zika-gifZika is a mild virus that’s been around for years. half of us don’t even have symptoms and the rest are no worse than the common cold.

Now Brazil has admitted it does NOT cause birth defects, due to the fact that the excess cases of microcephaly are all in one district, and the cases in the rest of Brazil aren’t more than normal. Similarily in Colombia (and other countries) there have been thousands of cases of Zika with ZERO cases of microcephaly. (Later  2 cases were found to have Zika without symptoms, but that’s not more than you’d expect by chance).

People don’t understand statistics.. You may tell me the chance of my baby being deformed by Zika is one in 100 million, but when I see the video of a microcephaly baby and read scary reports daily (fomented by the media and US pharmaceutical and insecticide corporations) ……

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