Bad Idea: Another Clinton President

In Saner Thought

We enter the home stretch of the 2016 election….people will now start to pay attention to the person that will solve problems….not generate more……

For the life of me I cannot understand the support that the American people have for Hillary Clinton or that matter why they look back on Bill’s presidency with nostalgia…..the first “black” president?  Seriously?  Must be the “crack” talking.

I mean come on….his presidency saw an huge increase in inmates, loss of manufacturing, the worse welfare gutting and overseas adventurism….oh there is more….and yet many look back a sigh heavily and dream of the glory days…..he and his buddies at the DLC, commonly known as “Blue Dog” Democrats, screwed this country royally….and now they are thinking of voting for his wife who has the same designs and desires and her hubby….what are you f*ckers smoking?

But hey….take a look at what her d/bag of a hubby…

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