Could “Political Lightening” Strike Again?


In Saner Thought

We are entering into the stretch run for the presidency of the United States of America…..the rhetoric, the lies, the pure BS will intensify and then we must chose which liar will lead the country down this path we have chosen…..I pray for the country…..

What political party did the great Lincoln join first?  Republican is the wrong answer.  First he was a Whig then moved on to the Republicans.

What happened to the Whigs anyway?

The Whig party ran, for some years, mostly in strong second place to the Democrats. They elected William Henry Harrison, in the famous “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too” campaign of nonsense, copied from the Jackson Democrats, but Harrison (the hero of Tippecanoe) died just days into his presidency, and was succeded by Tyler, one of the anti-Jackson democrats, who showed himself to be basically a firm Democrat, and was “read out of the Whig party”…

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