The fecund tide, wearing camel coat, shoulders set against sea gust

releases a fist of salt

make a sacrifice

breaks in shoreline, indecision metered by wrinkle

who was here before

leaving print

our raw start

gathered from disassembling blue of far ocean

blackened empty trees, mournful watcher, bleeding in minoring hazel light

somewhere blood rouges clouds in coming set

ropes of resin coagulating in mirage

only here we breathe

blackouts like crafting beatles losing time

velvet butterflies dotted with ochre and scarlet pinned patiently behind shadow box

are we hallucinations or past crimes? thumbnails in journey

gourmets of flushed search

where you, in this very place, 100 turns before

kneeling in water, whiskered by time

grandmother, parent, child,  all cut from same whirl

if I dip my fingers in will I pull you through the photograph

make again in regressive nod

your birthday

I would ask so many things


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