Failure To Report Signs Of Child Abuse “MUST Be A Crime.”


Teachers and doctors will face criminal sanctions if they fail to report concerns that children are being abused, under controversial proposals to be discussed in a government consultation.

The clamour for changes to the UK’s child protection law has been growing since the Jimmy Savile scandal, which exposed how the DJ abused hundreds of young victims at institutions across the country. It emerged that, despite the fact that many people had concerns about Savile’s behaviour, very few raised them with the authorities.

In response, the government will shortly announce a 12-week consultation on the mandatory reporting of abuse – in what is being described by supporters as the biggest and most important debate around child protection measures for decades.

The consultation is the result of lobbying from Mandate Now, the largest coalition of survivor charities in the UK, which has been pushing for a law requiring staff who work…

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  1. “Concerns” vs oberservations and evidence – not an academic difference. The thrust is just, but given the number of vapid, low IQ teachers I have come across, as well as the co-opting of the practice of medicine by the liability industry, this scares me. Report “concerns” in the absence of evidence or allegations and… then what??? The stench of unfounded allegation hangs albatross-like about the necks of the innocent parent forever until the… the next unfounded allegation lands them in jail? I dont like this at all MN. Instead where are that poor little kids neighbors, family, friends and why are THEY not reporting long before a teacher or doctor has “concerns”? The gist of a suppsoed need for this sort of initiative is but an indication of the dissolution of communities and familes, and it is this latter foundational issue that I see as the real problem for abused kids. Vexed and saddened for these kids, GE.


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