Rise & Erasure



Her glacial mother

downturned mouth in perpetual drag of ash

eyes all-seeing with jewish fold

her wonderful, precise, accurate, measured mother

nothing like her

stripped, gaudy unfinished being

she was wrought obviously by cuckoos who placed her incorrectly against fine china

hers is the bullish build of the earth not the sky

she doesn’t know how to rapture

she doesn’t know how to subtle and divine

coming into the world late riding on her placenta

she turned jaundice and breathed the filtered air of incubation

her mother, small, ironed, kept, certain, turning away in strange

this cannot be her, she is not of mine

my own blood dipped hand unwilling to capture subtlety

inaccurate tread, imperfect lilt, cracked sight, crooked vision

broad wrought country shoulders holding up plastered head

out comes dander and danger and diabolic and occasional wonder

for mixed in fire is glory and ember and light as…

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