Washington Is Addicted To Perpetual War

In Saner Thought

I have over the years asked myself that same question….why is America addicted to perpetual war?

Make NO mistake it is an addiction…one that we cannot seem to shake…….it is a real shame that we cannot be addicted to education  with the same intensity….

Of course one argument is that war is extremely profitable….but with all the intellectuals there are in the field of conflict management there should be some sort of plan or policy that would prevent the US from jump from one war to another…..without end.

The last two administrations have followed a bipartisan policy of constant war. Unfortunately, the consequences have been ugly: every intervention has laid the groundwork for more conflict.

Yet the architects of this failure claim that all would be well if only Washington had acted more often and more decisively. In their view, the problem is not that America goes to war, but…

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