Your Third-Party Vote Is Not Wasted

In Saner Thought

The key word in the title is N-O-T!

As I predicted I have been hit with a bit of a BS thing when people learn that I am leaning for an alternative candidate….in my case it is Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party.

I have been getting the usual cowardly predictions of doom and gloom if I vote that way….or that I am crazy for not following the sheep and voting for one of the worthless candidates we have this time.  I vote for issues and principles…I care NOTHING for rhetoric.

First let me say…BITE ME!  It is my vote and I will give it to whoever I want.  Plus I refuse to let some nose picking ass scratcher dictate to me when it comes to voting.

If Americans truly cared about their country then they would research what is best before voting….but they had rather let some mental…

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