How To Become “white” In America?

In Saner Thought

Mr. Trump’s recent speech on immigration got me thinking…..his statements seem to say that everyone in the US has got to be “white”….I am not talking about race or skin color….nope I am talking about everyone has to act in a prescribed manner.

Think about this the Civil Rights Act….was it truly about some sort of equality or was it more that maybe the blacks will see the benefits of living and acting “white”?

Personally I think his statement in his speech……”So who can come to the US? “It’s our right as a sovereign nation to choose immigrants who are the likeliest to thrive, and flourish and love us.”  That statement smells like a “white” moment to me.

While surfing I found an article that is written along the lines of my thinking……The Correspondent”  written by Sarah Kendzior…..

Trump has retweeted white supremacist groups and has the backing of the…

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