Do Not Say Forever



Everybody I ever touched and who touched me

I never kept a pet in a cage

so the bird outside the window did not call itself mine, nor seek more than I could give

some days I tried but could not get up to unlatch lock permitting warmth to bathe the sill and often the seed seemed feeble succor for thin shelter

then we both knew, the bird and I

the sensitive live in tangled horror, perpetually ground in mandible through fading time

a doctor asked me to touch my nose with my left index finger

the dominant hand pointing at shadowed psyche enveloping time

I missed by half my face and felt tip touch lips as if quieting perception

do not show them you are here

sudden on glaze of blood skating past

swift movement belies a recalcitrant heart

preserved like wizened fruit behind frosted glass

all those who…

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