2016: Who Should You Choose?


In Saner Thought

That my friends is the $64 question…..if you are a thinking person then the 2016 election is giving you headaches……

I think that the most important issue in this election is foreign policy…..and so far neither candidate has said anything that would fill me with confidence….

I read a piece about who we should choose this year but this one is from a geopolitical point of view…..a view we seldom get from our media these days….instead that keep harping on emails or health or trustworthiness……this is a perspective that we all should use to judge our preferred candidate…

How should a US citizen vote? Hillary Clinton, the architect of our current world chaos, or an unproven, ballistic Donald Trump?

It’s become trite palaver to bemoan the US presidential choices. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – it is what it is. Now isn’t the time to sit back, but instead take…

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