Did Chinese Civilization Come From Ancient Egypt?

The Ugly Truth

NEFERTITI Queen Nefertiti

A new study has energized a century-long debate at the heart of China’s national identity.


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  1. This is fascinating. My mom is Egyptian. I am fascinated with this subject matter and the DNA of people. I always thought we all came from Africa but it is interesting to figure out how we split into 3 distinct types and several blood types. Wonderful article thank you as always


    • I believe the old school mindset of race, there are only 3 true races, Negroid, Mongoloid and Caucasoid. ALL people originate from these 3 human races and when they intermingled over eons, we then have all the different species of those 3 original races.

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      • Yeah I agree, although it’s interesting because technically there was Negroid and how did the other two come about? I reckon it was mixing with the neanderthals. Jus sayin, says A LOT! (can’t stop laughing now)


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