Ghost In Minor F



I can see the clock in your eyes

I can see you eating dinner with someone else

I can see you bleeding out with what we’ve got going on

and l bleed with you

both of us too raw for consumption

Bon repas doit commencer par la faim.

begging the question, what have we done?

anniversaries and marriage for the masses

but not us

our squint

behind mosaic folds

so violence can never be defined and words though eternally unkind said in humor, pretend not to be, the foie gras still lead in scream

our state of mind depending on what we do not take away, leaving undigested table settings like reluctant twins playing dress up

we have been at this too long

we have existed despite ourselves

people need to know they’re not alone

their fears, their lost accomplishment

faithfully reproduced by generations

and in the end

there’s always…

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