Man With Diabetes Has Leg Amputated Due To Benefit Sanctions.

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David Boyce had to have his leg amputated when his diabetes spiralled out of control because he couldn’t afford to eat after having his benefits sanctioned                                                      David Boyce 

Photo courtesy of the Manchester Evening News.

David Boyce has diabetes. He was sanctioned for five months by the Department for Work and Pensions, which meant he had no money whatsoever to meet his basic needs. As a result, he had to sell his belongings, but couldn’t afford to eat properly and subsequently had to have his leg amputated, as his medical condition spiralled out of control. A healthy diet is essential as part of the management and treatment for diabetes.

David was a photographer who used to own a business, but was forced to give up his work because of ill-health. A dispute with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) about his jobseeker’s agreement and was he sanctioned numerous times.

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  1. Totally unacceptable. Whilst I applauded Obama for giving America a better healthcare solution, the Big Pharma/Big Business really trampled the idea of socialized healthcare, thus, people like me, cannot afford the premiums of ObamaCare and whilst it’s good that pre-existing conditions are no longer an impediment, it’s not good that the average joe can’t afford to get coverage. I reckon if we weren’t so scared of taxation we’d see we’re literally paying more as a country for healthcare than any of the so-called socialized healthcare countries who are taxed. That tells me we need more over-haul to get in line with them more. Obviously there are pit-falls to everything but for someone to experience this is unacceptable and just the tip of the ice berg. Makes me think of that film about the father who takes a gun into a hospital because they were not going to give his son a transplant. I can’t blame him in a way because this is LIFE and DEATH here.


    • There is NOTHING America can not afford. Why do I say this: AMERICA is spending $3.8 BILLION on a Navy Sub. Gifting Laos $ 80 BILLION in aid for the Vietnam War. Giving $10 MILLION a day to Israel in aid to continue their oppression/genocide against Palestine. Universal Healthcare is doable if AmeriKKKlan wanted to do it. Think about the $7.6 TRILLION the Pentagon “misplaced” last year and has no idea who took it or where it is. And for these reasons this man lost his leg, you can’t afford the care you need. Disgusting. This is why I leave USA in 2017.

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      • Okay you SAID IT HERE 100 percent agree with you! The kind of money we SEND to other countries to WASTE sometimes staggers me because we could FIX EVERYTHING if we actually spent our money on our people!!! ARgh! Don’t get me started I couldn’t agree more with this and I think it’s hideous. I just heard that the Pipeline is going ahead and the Native Americans lost the court appeal WHAT A SURPRISE. This is America. Where in the world do you live now my friend? xo


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