Ten Ways



78025898There are ten ways

we side-step fate

and there are ten ways

we absolve ourselves

when years have passed

considering why we stand here

and not

on some other shore

there are ten ways

we chose

and ten ways we did not choose

whether fate


or barnacle

transposed in drag

offers or retreats

we are here

we are not there

makers of us

make what we will

will with might

lose nothing, lose it all

this is the fight and the glory

of revealing in stark tutor

our true selves

here we stand with shaking form

called to account for

our doubt

our indecision

those times we wished

we chose another road

here with our scars

our umbilical chords

all that makes us in this definition

struck by truth

no more distracting ourselves

face this person you have become

ask of them

not regret

but sincerity

we took what…

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