Understanding Disability: Like Me, You’re different. Like You, I’m Equal.

Media Diversified

by Khairani Barokka

As commendable as it was for The Guardian to devote its recent editorial to the disparity between the Paralympics’ attention and funding, and the systemic dismissal of disabled peoples lives – through budget cuts to services and atrocious hate crimes – there are certain curious assumptions that still underlie the use of some of the language in the piece, and particular issues I’d like to add to the conversation, as the article has linguistic tics and gaps in the messaging that deserve some critique.

It is absolutely right that those of us who, like myself, identify as disabled should have as much respect and support as any human being, and I thank The Guardian for highlighting this, for noting how unhelpful it is to be of the view that a different attitude is all we need to get by, as well as underscoring the incongruity of celebrating…

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