The All American Burger


In Saner Thought

It is Saturday and Summer is winding down…..time to fire up the grill and get busy.

A little something I would post in my food blog, The Food Nazi, if it were still active…..but since it is not….I will do the honors here….

I think that a food prep should be traditional….I am not a fan of these trendy dishes that so many swoon over….there is one dish that I firmly believe should be prepared the old fashion way…..the all delicious hamburger.

Me?  I like about 2/3 lb of meat all beef patty……medium….served with a toasted bun with mayo and spicy brown mustard…..period.  Any salad stuff belongs on the side with bleu cheese dressing.

I bring up the burger thing because a new joint has opened in my area….27th Avenue Burger Bar….catchy name and one would expect a good variety of burgers would be offered….well here are the choices you…

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