Western States Love Dr. Jill Stein & Mr. Ajamu Baraka.

mrmilitantnegro ajamustein

Momentum for Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka is spreading like a wild fire across the western states. Fueled by green activists, Bernie supporters, independents and conservatives seeking out a true voice for the people.
Jill Stein Interview with WGN-TV Chicago 9th September 2016

“In July we had three organized chapters around Oregon,” said Trisha Driscoll, Oregon State Coordinator. “We now have eleven groups and chapters across the state.”

Meanwhile, in North Dakota Jill Stein visited the front lines of protests against the oil pipelines and offered her sincere encouragement for their direct action in protection of their native lands. Jill Stein is not a newcomer to the struggles against pipelines and in solidarity with native peoples, having been arrested in the past for similar protests.

Despite the growing support for Jill Stein, opening the upcoming debates to other parties is unlikely to happen without clear pressure starting with signing the debates petition. In 2012, when Jill Stein showed up for the debates uninvited, she was arrested rather than given the chance to speak. Jill Stein and GP Vice Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka’s words are clearly seen as a dangerous threat to the power elite and their stranglehold on our elections.

Well, the revolution will not be televised but the revolution is calling! Have you all signed up to phone bank? It’s our first step in strategically growing this campaign. Go to the link and follow the instructions, it’s that easy!

Calling is easy and fun, it is also a great activity to grow college campus groups. If you’re a Young Green Rising, a college student, we need you to take the initiative and organize you’re fellow students. It can be officially or unofficially but there is no time to wait! Remember, Jill Stein is leading the movement to abolish the student debt slavery that is crippling the potential of America‘s future.

Colleges are also a great place to start registering people to vote. The goal is to register people every day across the western states from September 19th to October 2nd. This is going to take a lot of volunteers self organizing events through the grassroots calendar, we haven’t been using the calendar in our region and we need to be!

I’m totally excited by the enthusiasm that folks are giving to the campaign! We’re empowering the masses to be the change in this election and take a stand for the greater good and for people, planet and peace over profit!

Love and revolution,

Bruce Wilkinson
Western States Coordinator
Jill Stein Green Party Candidate for President Speech in San Francisco California
P.S. I think our region HI, AK, WA, OR, MT, ID, WY, ND, SD goes the strongest for the Green Party. Jill Stein’s message is spreading because the people are ready to hear and share it. You ready to take up the challenge for being the best?


Bruce Wilkinson

Jill Stein Visits Capital University Chicago 9th Septemeber 2016

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