Without Longing For More.



the modern girl had jiu-jitsu and many armored means

to defeat the old-fashioned girl inside of her, urging for


she knows love does not clamor at 16

knows lies are slick things

knows her heart can bear to wait

for a time when something said, stands

test of time

but not now

when fragile, these children of time

chance themselves in passion

if she lets go now she will empty

herself into a vessel holding no fluid

they have stung against the rocks of experience

not enough and roar for more

like nature it is the welt of man to

cast his net wide and one child who seeks

his undertow will drown beneath the longing

wait until he is grown when

his urges are spent and tired

he looks then with clear eyes

and sees for the first time your


not the lie of legs beckoning his pulse

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