Demerara Gold’ Shines Onstage


Repeating Islands


A report by Mika Basson for The Amsterdam News.

“Demerara Gold,” starring and written by Ingrid Griffith, is a boisterous one-woman show about a young Guyanese girl’s coming of age journey, capturing a heart-wrenching immigrant’s tale in spurts of immense elation and disconcerting sorrow, with pocket sized doses of laughter, all in one 90-minute sitting.

The play tells the life story of a Caribbean girl who is left in the care of her eccentric grandmother after her parents immigrate to the U.S. Young Ingrid dreams of the American dream, only to find herself disillusioned by the woes and intricacies of reality. Griffith highlights the grim difficulties of familial life in a lighthearted manner while not diminishing the seriousness thereof. It inherits laughter of pain and understanding.

From the moment Griffith steps onto the small, bare stage with only one prop—a chair—she paints a vivid picture of bustling Caribbean Guyana…

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